Welcome to The Wisdom Center

Our Mission: Empowering individuals through hands on training, fostering personal growth and skill development and providing continual education.

Our Vision: Strengthening community relationships, raising community awareness, and building a strong thriving community family support system.

a group of people standing around a table
a group of people standing around a table

Who We Are

The Wisdom Center was founded by Elder Lionel Franklin in New Orleans LA in November 1999 as a non-profit organization named Brother in God. The organization changed its name to the Wisdom Center and was granted 501c3 status in October 2002. In carrying out the mission, Elder Franklin and volunteers provided mentorship, tutoring, manhood development and grooming classes to low- income boys in New Orleans poverty communities. The program was disrupted in August 2005 by Hurricane Katrina. Elder Franklin moved to Killeen Texas and established the Killeen Wisdom Center in April 2007. Elder Franklin had a health crisis and is now on dialysis. However, he maintains his commitment to serving youth and families and guiding them in maximizing their potential.

It is our vision that the Wisdom Center (Killeen Wisdom Center) can function as a family and community support system. We focus on structured intellectual development targeting young people and their families in need of positive direction. Through our programs and services, we strive to have a more equitable community for all citizens. We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization. All contributions are tax deductable.


More About Us

Donations go a long way into both providing new programs and enhancing our current program and activities for our youth and members alike.